Paintballbunker Missian
Play paintball outdoor or in the bunker
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Paintball Bunker Missian

Play Paintball near Bolzano

We offer the opportunity to play Paintball in an exceptional location. We are the first playing field in South Tyrol and Italy, which in addition to a normal field offers the possibility to play paintball in a bunker.

The area is located in Missian near Bolzano in a nearby forest. The field is a bit hidden, but can be reached by car without problems. Parking is available in front of the entrance for cars and scooters. Our team is always here to help you with any questions.

The Bunker

The construction of the bunker dates back to World War II. At the beginning of 2013 we opened the bunker and the adjacent forest for paintball. There are several rooms, most of which are accessible to you, providing ideal protection or an ideal ambush location. In the back of the bunker is a small table with a few seats and the entrance to the cloakrooms. There is also the possibility to rent the Bunker on agreement.

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